Thursday, 17 April 2014

North of Brooklyn 2

Toronto’s North of Brooklyn Pizzeria has opened up a second location!  The pizza is hot and the design is even HOTTER! 

My friend Dave Dworkind was given the lucky task of designing their new restaurant from top to bottom.  He worked on everything from the logo and website to the interiors and custom furnishings.  It was one of those rare and amazing opportunities where one designer can work on all aspects and keep a certain consistency and style throughout.  Dave shared some photos of the new place with me yesterday and I couldn’t wait to hear a little more about his design process!

With this location being more of a take away and delivery spot he decided to maximize on the kitchen space and kept a small dine-in area at the front for those who want to gobble down a quick slice and be on their way.  The seating area consists of a bar area with 4 stools and a table that sits another 4.  It is in the front of the semi-basement location and the southern light streams in during the day, which Dave says makes it feel a less “basementy”. 

The clients wanted tile on the floor and walls for easy cleaning so Dave felt the ceiling was a good place to add some warmth.  During his brainstorming process Dave likes to write down a pallet of materials before getting started on the design.  For this project he added cardboard into the mix as it has an obvious relation to pizza boxes.  “I had the idea to use a staggered array of honeycomb cardboard strips with the edges exposed giving a warm, textured look to the ceiling.”  One challenged he was of course faced with was the building code’s strict flame spread ratings at exits.  “Luckily there are many non-toxic, natural products on the market that make cardboard incombustible!” 

To further emphasize the linearity of the cardboard strips, Dave lit the space with a random pattern of linear Edison bulbs with custom fixtures designed by Montreal’s Lambert & Fils.

The custom furniture including the rotating pizza stand and gorgeous iPad stand (used as the Point-of Service) were designed and built by Brother’s Dressler, a Norwegian brother duo who in Dave’s words “are killing it right now in Toronto!”

So, there you have it!  Great pizza, beautifully crafted (local) products and a kick-ass design!  If you’re in Toronto, go check it out!

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