Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Gorgeous Floors!

One challenge I'm often faced with when creating an open plan kitchen is finding the right solution for floor finishes.  When you are taking down kitchen walls often times you find a kitchen with tiled floors and the rest of the floors are hardwood.  You not only have to consider filling the space where the walls once were but also creating a harmonious flow throughout the entire area.  I tend to steer my clients in the direction of hardwood all around!  This makes the space feel like one open room rather than still feeling divided by the different floor finishes.  However, laying new wood to match the existing floors  can be a lot of work and often means that the client needs to stagger the new floor into the existing and sand and stain the entire floor.  Which also means moving all the furniture.  Not always an easy feat!  When time and budget don't allow for this our alternative is usually to lay new, updated tiles in the kitchen area and choose materials that compliment each other in the space.  Although you can still create a nice flow it has never been my preferred option.  {Until NOW!}

I've always loved the look of these redesigned Barcelona apartments where the beautifully tiled floors (often hidden over the years) are re-exposed and used as a major design element.  Although the walls are torn down creating open spaces, the original footprint can still be seen in the different floor tiles and plinths.

This mix of floor finishes is being seen in more and more interiors and I am actually converted!  Not only can the two work well together but they can become a gorgeous design feature.  Now, I actually want to mix the two!

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